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Schede video AMD Discussioni sulle schede video basate sulle gpu ATI Radeon

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Vecchio 08-09-2003, 07.15.29   #1
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Post Nuovi Omega Driver basati sui catalyst 3.7

This are my "optimized" drivers for the ATI Radeon family
of video cards.

What's New?
* Based on the official Catalyst 3.7 ATI drivers. (9x/ME/2k/XP)
* Hope to have fixed all the "card not recognized" problems. (9x/ME/2k/XP)
* The 9500->9700 and 9700->9800 hacks are now two separate files, this will fix
some incompatibility problems in 9500 cards not liking the 9800 optimizations. (2k/XP)
* The 9x/ME drivers still don't have the hacked driver incorporated, sorry. (9x/ME)

1- If you have the normal ATI drivers, uninstall the ATI Control Panel BEFORE
upgrading to these drivers, the drivers already have the CP integrated
and another CP may cause conflicts or other problems.
2- There is no need to uninstall ANY previous drivers (ATI or OMEGA) when
installing these, they will override any previous settings.
3- In Windows 2k/XP, ALWAYS disable DDC in the ATI "Displays/Monitor" CP after
installing drivers to be able to use ALL the refresh rates and resolutions
your monitor supports, also this is the best way to avoid the 60Hz RR bug.
4- The WDM drivers for VIVO and AIW cards are not included, but they can be
downloaded separately from a link in my drivers page.
5- I have received various E-Mails asking about FastWrites, there is only one
answer to that: TURN IT OFF
The Radeon cards do support FastWrites and they will work with it on
(on some machines), but it is not recommended, there is NO SPEED gain
when using FW, and this option will affect your PC's stability a LOT.

I don't recomend the use of ANY tweakers with my drivers, as they override
my special settings and will make my work useless. The only time I recommend
a tweaker is when you have a specific problem with a specific tweak and need
to change it in order to make the drivers work correctly. Also if you use one
for overclocking, FSAA, Gamma or Aniso settings, is just fine.

If you have any problems with this drivers please go to my webpage
and look in the ATI help section for answers. If still have problems
look for the drivers thread in www.driverheaven.net forums and let me know
what is going on.

If you happen to find a new tweak or fix for a specific game or many games
and it proves that it works then drop me an E-Mail (don't post it in the
forums), I'll make sure credit will be granted to that person in this INFO file.

IMPORTANT: Don't bother ATI about this drivers as they are unsupported by them!

Scritto Da - izio75 il 08 Settembre 2003alle ore 08:18:27
Asus P5K-E
Intel® Core™2 Q6600
Cellshock Value DDRII 667
OCZ PowerStream 520W PSU
PNY 8800 GTS
SB Audigy
Thermaltake TSUNAMI
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