nForce 3.14 J Remix

Aperto da Neo, 22 Dicembre 2003, 23:49:10

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Nuovo pacchetto di drivers per i chipset nVidia nForce3.14 J Remix.

Release Notes:
- IDE driver is the most stable reported one, please not that the Nvidia driver is unstable on some systems, and if it is so on yours, or if you just don't trust nvidia select "no" at the prompt to install microsoft certified N-force IDE drivers
- As always, please use Driver Cleaner or a similar program to remove all previous N-force drivers prio to install
- Networking driver is an older version to avoid CPU "spikes" (uses up to 7% of a 3200+ CPU's power)
- No video driver to save bandwidth -also handy for ATi video card users
- As these are remixed drivers i wish to thank the author
fonte :duo