voodoo5 6000 sarà una realtà o no?

Aperto da Neo, 25 Dicembre 2001, 18:27:35

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:diablo:ciao a tutti, stavo navigando in rete,quando trovo un articolo sulla voodoo5 6000,dove si diceva che 3dfx prima di fallire ha venduto i progetti voodoo 6000 alla società QUANTUM3D,io mi chiedevo se qualcuno di voi sa dirmi se la mitica voodoo5 6000  vedrà la luce in futuro?:eek:



Ha ragione superfranz :(:(!!

Dubito che la tecnologia della V5 6000 sia commercializzata da terzi anche se non escludo che possa comunque essere riutilizzata, magari inglobata in un sistema che non sia necessariamente una scheda video come noi siamo abituati a concepirla...

Un pò di immagini e nostalgia

e le features dichiarate da 3dfx:

Fully integrated 128-bit 2D/3D/Video Accelerator
 It's not just for gaming! Voodoo5 6000 AGP enables outstanding 2D and video applications too.
128 MB of Graphics Memory
 No, we're not kidding. How about having enough graphics memory to handle 1600x1200, 32 bits per pixel, with full-scene hardware anti-aliasing enabled?
1.32 to 1.47 Gigapixels Per Second Fill Rate
 Not kidding about this one, either. The first gigapixel board delivers frame rates beyond belief. Virtually all games are limited by fill rate at resolutions of 1024x768 and above so the higher your fill rate the faster your game will perform.
Real-time Full-Scene HW Anti-Aliasing
 Removes annoying jaggies and flashing objects from the image to dramatically improve the visual quality of any title, new or old.
T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effect: Motion blur
 Can be used to smooth motion to improve image quality or to exaggerate motion for special effects.
T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effect: Depth of Field Blur
 Enhances reality by rendering a scene as if viewed through a real lens. Enables artistic depth of field effects often used in cinema, such as blurring all but the most important objects in a scene.
T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effect: Soft Shadows
 Adds soft edges to shadows, giving them a much more realistic appearance.
T-Buffer™ Digital Cinematic Effect: Soft Reflections
 Enables realistic reflections from semi-gloss surfaces like polished wood or stone and stainless steel.
FXT1™ and DirectX® Texture Compression
 Dramatically reduces the size of texture images with no loss in visual quality; higher frame rates and better image quality. VSA-100 supports all five DXTC compression modes. Texture compression is critical for use of 2048x2048 and 32-bit textures.
8-bit Palletized Textures
 The most widely used form of texture compressio. As with FXT1, palletized textures enable higher frame rates and enhanced image quality. Graphics cards that do not support palletized textures often experience severe game compatibility problems.
32-bit Rendering
 Supports the highest possible image quality for the latest titles.
32-bit Textures
 Allows use of the highest quality artwork seen in today's titles.
2k x 2k Textures
 Allows you to enjoy the full impact of the most detailed artwork used by game developers; larger textures enable more complex, more stunning images.
24-bit Floating Point Depth Buffer (Z or W)
 Virtually eliminates "Z aliasing," or having surfaces that should be visible being occluded and surfaces that should be occluded being visible.
8-bit Stencil Buffer
 Improves image quality and realism by supporting a technique widely used by 3D content developers to create complex shapes such as shadows.
 Allows users to run at insane resolutions and incredible refresh rate --2048x1536 at 85Hz for example.
The industry's most complete API support: DirectX, OpenGL, and Glide
 Assures the industry's highest title compatibility.
DVD hardware assist: planar to packed-pixel conversion
 Assists DVD titles in running at 30fps without dropped frames.
Windows 95, 98
 Allows you to run the Voodoo5 6000 AGP with all popular operating systems.


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