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3dfx Rampage

Aperto da SweetHawk, 04 Gennaio 2002, 14:41:37

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:D :D :D :DWe have been informed that about 90% of the former employees of 3DFX will be working for this company, according to our source 3DPower will be debuting with a graphics card called the 3DPower Absolute, which is believed to be based around the 3DFX RamPage graphics chipset - SLI may not be gone after all. The PCB of the card will be black with gold componets seated in a nifty wooden box.

It seems 3DPower has secretly formed this new company without nVidia nor 3DFX knowing, what will nVidia have to say about this? - It could raise some serious legal issues. We should be able to speak to nVidia about this tomorrow. We also must stress that this information has not been confirmed, but it does come from a reliable source. Again this is not confirmed, but as I see it 3DPower and Absolute Multimedia have merged, which potentially could make one very influential company. Take care!

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