agp to pci convtor card for 2 x v6k in one machine

Aperto da ElvIsALive, 30 Settembre 2003, 15:03:46

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hi guys

i just got a agp to pci convotor card from japan today

and wow it allows me to plug in two voodoo6000 cards into one machine

now i got to talk hank into building a genlock for the 2 video signals from each v6k to combine them into 1 monitor signal and then there the 3dfx drivers which need some code to allow them to play games on two v6k system

lol i wonder if we can ever see this happen

this would allow 16x fsaa with 2x V6ks in 1 system

would it be possible to have 4 x v6ks in 1 system and get 64x fsaa



darm someone tell me how to setup that chaser game corrrety


That genlock would be great for 5500 owners too... ;):)

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who like to see two vodooo 5 cards doing 8x mode fsaa



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Ciao Ciao da Manuelson powered by Athlon64 3800 X2 @2400mhz e Voodoo Tv! ;-) Voodoo Two? Yes I do..!


Banshee Team

Freestyle...yes my two hit the floor...three four five we want some more...


But is possible?
In HW i mean.

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Hola!!!! :D

It would be a dream!!!
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