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Schede video AMD Discussioni sulle schede video basate sulle gpu ATI Radeon

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Vecchio 22-01-2003, 07.11.09   #1
Forumzoniano Esperto
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Data registrazione: 17-11-2001
Residenza: Pisa
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Post Rage3D Tweak v3.7

Main Features:

Tabbed interface accessible through display properties or system tray for easy navigation.
Full right-click context sensitive help as well as html outline based help.
Core and Memory overclocking support for all Radeon series cards.
Support for per-game profiles and per-game clock speed settings.
Refresh rate force capabilities for standard and custom display modes.
Multiple skin options for the tweaker.
User configurable sound events for GameUtil functions.
Extensive list of tweaks for 2D and 3D as well as display, multimedia, windows and more.

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 98/98SE/ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows NT 4.0 (minimal functionality)

ATI Cards Supported:
Radeon 7000/7200/7500/AIW 7500/7800
Radeon 8500(LE/LELE)/8500DV/8500eXP/8800
Radeon 9xxx series
Mobility Radeon series

Added a number of new profiles and updated existing ones.
A new Reset profile saves the current settings at the time you installed Rage3D Tweak so you can easily revert to the settings you had before installing the tweaker.
Updated tweaks for full support of Catalyst 3.0 options.
New GUI updates include new buttons, support for nested tree-view for more useful tweaks organization and more.
Updated support for additional 9500/9700 boards as well as updates for older generation Radeon cards.
New overclocking files with better support for all ATI Radeon core based chips. (Mobility included)
Added the ability to Export and Import profiles between R3DTweak versions now!
Exported profiles go to a file format that is easy to pass between your friends as well as save your personal profiles for easy upgrading to new Rage3D Tweak versions. Simply double-click a profile file to import it back into the tweaker.
Folding@Home support has returned to the tweaker! The F@H tab will now prompt you to download the client from the correct place and tell you where to put it for full support of running/hiding the console. Right-Click on the F@H tab window for menu options. Be sure that you download the text-only client from the web site and copy the file into \program files\rage3d tweak\folding. the client must be called FAH.exe in that directory for it to work. You can transfer your current work to that directory as well, just rename the client as mentioned and the stats will work with your existing work units.
Quite a lot of other under the hood enhancements to help prepare for the future.
The setup program now auto-detects all Radeon cards and selects the correct tweaks for your card type. If you have more than one card listed in the registry it will prompt you for the card you are using now.
The setup program now prompts you for the location you would like to install Rage3D Tweak. All files now go into this folder (except the overclocking files) instead of the various windows directories where most files did in former versions.
You can now change skins without any need to install or reboot anything. An icon in the Rage3D Tweak program group allows you to change skins at will. Just close and open the tweaker after each skin change for it to take place.
The Tweaker now uses a registry hive system which keeps all the extra tweak information from bloating your registry. The settings are only stored in the registry while the tweak interface is open and written out to a special file (and removed from the registry) after you close the tweaker interface.
New GameUtil startup graphic thanks to a Rage3D Forum regular.
Asus P5K-E
Intel® Core™2 Q6600
Cellshock Value DDRII 667
OCZ PowerStream 520W PSU
PNY 8800 GTS
SB Audigy
Thermaltake TSUNAMI
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Vecchio 22-01-2003, 12.45.02   #2
Web Admin
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Data registrazione: 08-11-2001
Residenza: Napoli & 3dfxzone
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Il download della release 3.7 di Rage3D Tweak è effettuabile su Hardware Setup nella sezione ATI | Tweak

Ciao ciao

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